Six Simple Tips

By Ken Turner
Aug 04, 2018

Making a good impression outside will entice potential buyers to want to see what's inside. Have  you heard of curb appeal? That's what we're talking about.

  1. Fix minor repairs and paint. Small fixes like a coat of paint and cleaning gutters can make the difference in whether or not you sell your property. Think fresh!
  2. Pressure wash all surfaces. Your home accumulates a lot of dust and grim over time. Give your siding, concrete, decks and anything else that needs it, a good cleaning for major improvement and little cost.
  3. Clean up landscaping. Remove old shrubs and weeds and fill in with bright colored flowers to frame your homes exterior.
  4. Potted Plants.  Strategically placed will add new life to landscape and front porch.
  5. Install new hardware. Replace tired looking house numbers, light fixtures, doorknobs and maybe even the mailbox. Use the same material for all for uniformity. Again, small price, huge gain.
  6. Accessorize the patio. Dress up outdoor furniture with new cushions and a few throw pillows, maybe even a rug. If your wooden furniture is looking old and tired put the kids to work with some sand paper and a paint brush. They'll love it and so will  you!

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