The Valley Lifestyle

I stumbled upon the Ogden Valley by accident while I was doing promotional work for Nordstrom. Like so many others, when I first drove up out of Ogden Canyon on Highway 39 by the dam at Pineview Reservoir and I looked across the Ogden Valley…I was hooked…

As a person who is very active outdoors and had traveled and skied most of the Western U.S., I found the Ogden Valley to be a real “gem.” Amazing beauty that stuns many Europeans, 3 Ski Resorts that are all very different and very uncrowded:  Snowbasin, Powder Mountain and Nordic Valley (now Wolf Mountain.)  And a nice reservoir, Pineview Reservoir, with Causey and East Canyon Reservoirs close by.  Not to mention lots of wide open, stunning country!

What a great place to get away from the troubles of the rest of the world, whether you are raising a family, an empty nester, or single. If you love the outdoor life and great people, the Ogden Valley is hard to beat.

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